Work History
Additional Skills

Eric Liu

New Brunswick,NJ


Proactive student currently completing Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Informatics. Self-directed and disciplined with experience in both autonomous and collaborative working environments. Eager and ready to learn new processes, programs, and procedures quickly to maximize contributions to user, team, and business success.


Technique Demonstration


Tennis Instructor

Hillsborough Parks And Recreation
Hillsborough Township , NJ
2017.06 - 2018.07

Taught and demonstrated basic and advanced tennis techniques to students in group environment.

  • Increased player strength, agility and game skills through specialized drills and practices.
  • Monitored individual and group progress to fit needs of each student.
  • Encouraged others to cultivate positive attitudes by demonstrating patience, diligence, and respect for others.

Teaching Assistant

Kumon Math And Reading Center
Lebanon , NJ
2014.09 - 2015.07

Tutored students individually and in small groups to reinforce math and reading concepts.

  • Recorded grades for coursework and tests for 30+ students on a spreadsheet system.
  • Created personalized homework materials for each student to encourage individual learning and success.
  • Tutored struggling students individually to reinforce specific learning concepts.

Work History

Bachelor of Science - Information Technology And Informatics

Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ
2020.09 - Current
  • Minoring in Computer Science
  • Cumulative major GPA of 3.7
  • Looking to apply for ITI bachelor's degree and Master of Information (ITI/MI Dual Degree graduate program)



Cooking: Actively cooking and creating new dishes every week to experience various cuisines and improve on previous recipes.

Tennis: 10+ years of playing with consistent individual and group practice regiments in various competitive team environments.

Recently found enthusiasm towards creating personalized projects and learning Linux on Raspberry Pi 4.


Currently pursuing CompTIA A+

Additional Skills

  • TCP/IP Networking: Understanding of network topologies along with the conceptual models and protocols used in computer networks and the Internet.
  • Scanning servers with nmap: Utilizing nmap commands for troubleshooting various types of servers.
  • Navigating Linux File Systems: Familiarity of Linux environment and knowledge of basic Linux Access Control.
  • Computer networking: Networking with Windows Server 2016 to set up and configure servers.
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