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Ziyan Liu

Senior Undergraduate
Ziyan Liu


Enthusiastic about setting up and carrying out wide array of studies. Diligent, industrious and efficient in handling minute details with methodical approaches to gain insights into data analytics field. Pursuing a Master's Degree in the field of data science starting Fall 2022.


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Work History

Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program, Berkeley, CA

Student Researcher
2021.09 - 2021.12 (3 months)

Job overview

  • Evaluated user experience, cognitive load, and performance of the dashboards, built via Tableau, for primary care clinicians.
  • Used Nvivo to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of interview data from Stanford University and UCSF to draw conclusions on outcomes.

TikTok, Shanghai

Content Data Operations Intern
2021.02 - 2021.07 (5 months)

Job overview

The project on CLF Live/ Short Videos on Education:

  • used SQL to extract education-related data that is from the Central and Western European PGC users in HIVE
  • made a dashboard with reports of PGC content users, web content ecology, user structure, etc.

The project on TikTok Live Streaming:

  • used Excel, Python, and SQL to conduct data analysis on TikTok live users and provided reporting for forecast analysis and ad-hoc reporting in support of decision-making.

The EURO European Cup:

  • Implemented long-term growth initiatives by developing EURO campaign and hashtag strategies
  • extracted data and conducted data analysis on hashtag performance, video popularity, and overall revenue.

Women In Tech Initiative At UC, Berkeley, California

Research Assistant
2020.09 - 2020.12 (3 months)

Job overview

  • Collaborated with UC Berkeley’s academic departments to study the impact of the GPA grade cap on students’ academic performance, seeking a more even distribution of academic resources across campus.
  • Gathered, arranged and corrected research data using Python to create representative graphs and charts highlighting results for presentations.
  • Presented the research results to the Dean of UCB, offering solutions such as more pre-entry courses for lower grade students and peer support groups for first-generation students, etc.

D/CODE, Berkeley, California

Head of Video
2020.07 - Current (4 years)

Job overview

  • Created production schedules for every step of video production and specific editing templates for short videos.
  • Increased the consistency of segment video content and ensured that two to three 1-minute short videos were produced in a week to maintain the stickiness of the audience
  • Host weekly meetings to arrange tasks for members and check the progress of ongoing projects.


University of California, Berkeley , Berkeley, CA

Bachelor of Arts from Applied Mathematics and Data Science
2018.08 - Current (5 years & 11 months)

University Overview

GPA: 3.61/4.0

  • Relevant Coursework Completed: Data Structures and Algorithm & Database & Artificial Intelligence & Data Inference and Decisions & Linear Algebra & Probability & Applied Econometrics





Spam Email Classifier:

  • Used Jupyter Notebook and logistic regression analysis to create a spam classification model
  • Performed feature engineering for classifying text data, using Scikit-Learn libraries to process data and fit models
  • Verified the model by distinguishing 1500 random emails, resulting in a final accuracy rate of 99.5%(top 10 in the class)

Music Classifier:

  • Solved the initial data abnormal situation by Bootstrapping in order to approximate the original distribution of data
  • Analyzed more than 106,574 tracks from FMA (free music archive)
  • Used "features" table for KNN classification; Adopted A/B test to verify that rock music and electronic music can be distinguished from "tempo", and the accuracy of the KNN classifier with k = 3 is 90%
Ziyan LiuSenior Undergraduate