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Shandi Moss

Shandi Moss

Blacksburg,United States
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Hardworking and passionate job seeker with strong organizational skills

[ Team-oriented Warehouse professional accustomed to streamlining shipping and receiving processes to increase overall efficiency. Industrious and dedicated with talents in team leadership and motivation. Energetic individual equipped to work hard in fast-paced, constantly changing environments,skilled at providing efficiency in shipping and receiving, inspection and storage operations. Handles diverse materials to achieve high-quality packaging standards and reduce risk. Brings related experience and dedication to meet production and quality goals.


years of professional experience

Willow Group

Hire Dynamics
Blacksburg , SC
2020.01 - 2021.10
  • Proved successful working within tight deadlines and fast-paced atmosphere.
  • Inspected incoming and outgoing shipments to verify accuracy and prevent errors.
  • Alternated goods in inventory by observing first-in and first-out approach to keep shelves organized and properly stocked.
  • Cleaned and maintained warehouse in compliance with OSHA safety standards.
  • Managed product staging to efficiently transfer items between receiving, storage and shipping locations.
  • Evaluated supplies and product inventory to check for quality and quantity issues and returned unacceptable materials to vendors.
  • Readied product pallets for optimal storage and shipment, carefully organizing boxes and balancing weight.
  • Worked safely around moving machinery.
  • Manually or mechanically loaded and unloaded materials from pallets, skids, platforms, cars, lifting devices, or other transport vehicles
  • Inspected work areas for cleanliness and obstacles and removed cartons and boxes to keep work areas organized and hazard-free.

Ace Bakery

Hire Dynamics
Gaffney , SC
2019.12 - 2020.12
  • Lifted cases and pushed or pulled heavy tray carts when restocking and preparing inventory.
  • Maintained safe food handling standards at all times.
  • Sourced materials to keep up with production goals and meet customer demands.
  • Oversaw bin fulfillment services, manufacturing and case picking for supply chain orders with rapid turnaround for high-quality and fresh product delivery.
  • Overcame obstacles and variables to maintain production efficiency, meet deadlines and achieve high levels of profitability.
  • Successfully managed production activities to achieve on-time shipment of orders.

Crew Trainer

Blacksburg , SC
2011.01 - 2019.01
  • Taught new team members correct procedures for all areas of operations.
  • Set positive example for team members by providing high-quality, efficient service.
  • Greeted customers with smile and provided friendly service to professionally handle every need.
  • Trained other employees in customer service, food safety and performance requirements.
  • Prepared food orders to support waitstaff and other team members.
  • Worked in fast-paced environment with sense of urgency to serve guests quickly.
  • Maintained clean and orderly checkout areas by mopping floors, emptying trash cans and wiping down surfaces.
  • Monitored cash drawers in multiple checkout stations and maintained adequate cash supply.
  • Cross-trained and provided back up for customer service managers.
  • Prevented food spoilage by monitoring dates, rotating stock and following proper storage procedures.
  • Restocked supplies and prepared additional ingredients during downtime for expected busy periods.
  • Set up, broke apart and cleaned up serving areas at beginning and end of day.
  • Sanitized pots, pans, utensils, kitchen appliances and equipment using company-approved cleaning supplies.
  • Maintained composure and work quality while under stress.
  • Assembled kitchen and serving equipment.

Veterinary Assistant

Gaffney Animal Hospital
Gaffney , SC
2017.01 - 2018.01
  • Cleaned and disinfected exam areas, surgical equipment and kennels to prevent diseases and control odors.
  • Cleaned, sterilized and maintained kennels, operating rooms and surgical equipment.
  • Recorded symptoms and documented medical observations to inform treatment decisions.
  • Positioned animals for diagnostic imaging such as x-rays and scans.
  • Administered medications to animals in treatment and documented changes in condition.
  • Answered owner animal health questions and advised on best care practices.
  • Triaged incoming patients to determine treatment needs and urgency of care.


Robbie's Country Flowers & Crystal Rose Catering
Blacksburg , SC
2012.01 - 2016.01
  • Achieved or exceeded financial goals on regular basis by controlling expenses, optimizing schedules and regulating inventory usage.
  • Managed newly-formed Holding Department which oversaw account sales, marketing, insurance and credit sales, rental, and towing, and customer satisfaction.
  • Handled customer relations issues, enabling quick resolution and client satisfaction.
  • Monitored special orders to promote timely deliveries of floral displays, bouquets and decorative items.
  • Examined incoming inventory, merchandised shelves and prevented shrinkage.
  • Created and led sales promotions and advertising strategies to boost profits and bring in new customers.
  • Implemented daily operating procedures to keep store clean, adequately stocked and well-organized.
  • Effectively allocated tasks during high-traffic times to keep operations running smoothly and employees focused.
  • Opened and closed store independently and prepared nightly bank drop for manager.
  • Balanced and organized cash register by handling cash, counting change and storing coupons.
  • Supported efficient and timely replenishment of sales floor merchandise.
  • Provided accurate information about promotions, customer programs and products, helping drive high customer retention.
  • Logged reports, expenses, receipts and sales documents into digital database.
  • Issued receipts and processed refunds, credits or exchanges.
  • Used POS system to process sales, returns, online orders and gift card activations.
  • Offered each customer top-notch, personal service to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Work History

No Degree - Culinary Arts

Spartanburg Technical College, Spartanburg, SC

Certification - Medical Insurance Billing

Stratford Career Institute, Stratford, WI
  • Relevant Coursework Completed:[ [


Aims Course, Gaffney, SC



  • Multitasking Abilities
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking
  • Upbeat and Positive Personality
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Efficient and Detail-Oriented
  • Material loading and unloading
  • Quality assurance
  • OSHA guidelines
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Assembly and production
  • Cost reduction
  • Order picking and processing
  • Operations support
  • Hand and Power Tool Operation
  • Visual Inspection
  • Equipment Operation
  • Data Entry
  • Container Packing and Repacking
  • Electric Pallet Jacks
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Willing to Learn
  • Materials Handling Safety Training
  • Work Order Following
  • Protective Equipment Use
  • Group supervision and management

Work Availability

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Willow Group - Hire Dynamics
2020.01 - 2021.10
Ace Bakery - Hire Dynamics
2019.12 - 2020.12
Veterinary Assistant - Gaffney Animal Hospital
2017.01 - 2018.01
Manager - Robbie's Country Flowers & Crystal Rose Catering
2012.01 - 2016.01
Crew Trainer - McDonald's
2011.01 - 2019.01
Spartanburg Technical College - No Degree, Culinary Arts
Stratford Career Institute - Certification, Medical Insurance Billing
Aims Course - GED,


Shandi Moss