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Dynamic Paralegal Specialist with a proven track record at The Law Offices Of Galanopoulos & Galgan, excelling in real estate transactions and client communication. Mastered legal document preparation, reducing errors by meticulous proofreading. Known for exceptional attention to detail and the ability to manage complex projects under tight deadlines, ensuring client satisfaction and compliance. Paralegal motivated to continually improve and extend personal skills and knowledge to attain increased responsibility and opportunities for professional growth. Results-driven professional skilled in researching legal case information and preparing necessary correspondence with strong understanding of legal terminology and processes. Adept in maintaining confidential records and client information. Pleasantly assists attorneys in preparing for real estate closings and other legal proceedings.


years of professional experience

Work History

The Law Offices Of Galanopoulos & Galgan

Paralegal Specialist
2019.09 - Current (4 years & 10 months)

Job overview

  • Prepared comprehensive real estate materials, ensuring documents were well-prepared for closings.
  • Supported attorney before the closings by organizing required documents, taking notes on client’s property information, and coordinating logistics needed to close on the property.
  • Investigated claims/liens, required compliance and prepared processing documentation.
  • Reduced errors in document production through meticulous proofreading of legal drafts before submission to clients for signatures.
  • Scheduled closings and pre-signing with clients to go over and explain legal documents required for closings.

Glam Optique

Optical Store Manager
2009.03 - 2018.04 (9 years & 1 month)

Job overview

  • Developed strong relationships with vendors to secure favorable pricing and exclusive products for the store.
  • Hosted community outreach events to raise awareness about eye health issues and promote the optical store''s services.
  • Streamlined administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling and insurance verification for improved efficiency.
  • Implemented efficient processes for tracking customer orders and ensuring timely delivery of eyewear products.
  • Managed inventory effectively for optimal product availability and reduced overhead costs.
  • Oversaw compliance with industry regulations to maintain a safe working environment for employees and customers alike.
  • Coordinated staff schedules to ensure adequate coverage during peak hours and minimize overtime expenses.
  • Increased sales revenue by developing targeted marketing campaigns and promotional events.
  • Negotiated contracts with suppliers which resulted in cost savings without compromising on quality or selection of products available instore.
  • Resolved customer complaints promptly leading to increased repeat business from satisfied clientele.
  • Mentored employees in product knowledge and sales techniques to increase individual performance.
  • Collaborated with optometrists to offer comprehensive eye care services within the optical store setting.
  • Maintained accurate financial records, including budgets, sales reports, and expense tracking for informed decisionmaking.
  • Monitored industry trends to stay current with new products, technologies, and best practices in eye care management.
  • Enhanced store appearance by maintaining a clean, organized, and visually appealing environment.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by implementing personalized optical solutions and attentive service.
  • Reduced employee turnover by fostering a positive work environment that encouraged teamwork and open communication.
  • Conducted regular performance reviews for staff members, providing constructive feedback for professional growth.
  • Achieved sales targets consistently by motivating team members and implementing effective sales strategies.
  • Supervised and managed opticians using feedback, constructive conversations and leading daily activities on sales floor.
  • Interacted with customers to help determine or suggest best products to meet eye wear needs and achieve desired look.
  • Boosted team engagement and workplace satisfaction using managerial and motivational skills.
  • Checked finished eye wear to maintain optical standards, customer requirements and special requests.
  • Collaborated with store manager to plan staff schedules and determine hiring needs.
  • Explained prescriptions, optical terminology and products to customers.
  • Recorded measurements, adjusted eye wear, and made changes based on customer feedback.
  • Enforced HR policies and procedures to continually meet customer expectations and promote store productivity.
  • Oversaw optician apprentice program to teach upcoming professionals valuable skills with real-world applications.
  • Monitored general store systems, inventory databases and operations to quickly identify and resolve issues or concerns.
  • Interacted well with customers to build connections and nurture relationships.
  • Assisted in recruiting, hiring and training of team members.
  • Trained and guided team members to maintain high productivity and performance metrics.
  • Handled problematic customers and clients to assist lower-level employees and maintain excellent customer service.
  • Scheduled employees for shifts, taking into account customer traffic and employee strengths.
  • Managed purchasing, sales, marketing and customer account operations efficiently.
  • Recruited, hired, and trained initial personnel, working to establish key internal functions and outline scope of positions for new organization.
  • Tracked employee attendance and punctuality, addressing repeat problems quickly to prevent long-term habits.
  • Observed each employee's individual strengths and initiated mentoring program to improve areas of weakness.
  • Cultivated and strengthened lasting client relationships using strong issue resolution and dynamic communication skills.
  • Monitored daily cash discrepancies, inventory shrinkage and drive-off.
  • Implemented business strategies, increasing revenue, and effectively targeting new markets.
  • Negotiated price and service with customers and vendors to decrease expenses and increase profit.
  • Identified and qualified customer needs and negotiated and closed profitable projects with high success rate.
  • Reduced financial inconsistencies while assessing and verifying billing invoices and expense reports.
  • Supervised creation of exciting merchandise displays to catch attention of store customers.
  • Tracked trends and suggested enhancements to both challenge and refine company's product offerings.
  • Implemented innovative programs to increase employee loyalty and reduce turnover.
  • Updated and resolved incidents and managed accessorial charges objectively while maximizing profit.
  • Reduced operational risks while organizing data to forecast performance trends.
  • Reduced budgetary expenditures by effectively negotiating contracts for more advantageous terms.

Pearle Vision

2004.03 - 2009.03 (5 years)

Job overview

  • Calibrated seg heights, vertex, and pupillary distance and pantoscopic tilt to customize eyeglass orders and create perfect fit.
  • Evaluated incoming prescriptions from optometrists for accuracy before dispensing eyewear to prevent potential errors or dissatisfaction.
  • Filed claims with vision and medical insurance companies to garner payment for optical services.
  • Provided exceptional customer service by attentively listening to patient concerns and addressing them promptly.
  • Troubleshot issues with prescription eyewear, offering swift resolution to maintain customer satisfaction levels.
  • Aided patients in selection of flattering eyeglass frames appropriate for prescription and style preferences.
  • Verified and updated patient records promptly to guarantee accurate prescription information.
  • Increased sales by effectively communicating the benefits of various lens coatings, materials, and frames to customers.
  • Enhanced patient understanding of vision care options through comprehensive explanations of insurance benefits and coverage.
  • Educated patients on proper use, care and maintenance of eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  • Conducted thorough frame adjustments to ensure optimal comfort, fit, and functionality for each customer.
  • Measured patients' faces for bridge, eye size, and temple length to select comfortable frames.
  • Maintained a clean and organized store environment, ensuring optimal product display and easy access for customers.
  • Educated clients on proper eyewear maintenance techniques, extending the life of their glasses or contacts.
  • Achieved a high rate of repeat business through diligent relationship-building efforts with patients and clients alike.
  • Maintained safe, clean and organized environment to increase patient comfort.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing personalized eyewear recommendations based on individual needs and preferences.
  • Assisted patients with inserting, removing, and caring for contact lenses through hands-on demonstrations and clear instructions.
  • Suggested optional items such as lens coatings and lightweight lenses to improve patient experience with eyeglasses.
  • Operated lensometers to orient and mark uncut lenses for eyeglasses.
  • Instructed patients on proper insertion, removal, and cleaning techniques for contact lenses.
  • Utilized advanced knowledge of ocular anatomy, physiology and optics to provide proper eyewear.
  • Streamlined appointment scheduling by implementing an efficient system for booking eye exams and follow-up visits.
  • Collaborated with optometrists to develop tailored vision care plans, addressing each patient''s unique visual needs.
  • Set up attractive displays, shared current promotions, and offered excellent customer service to increase satisfaction.
  • Stayed current on industry advancements and emerging trends through continuous professional development opportunities, enhancing the overall quality of service provided to clients.
  • Learned new catalog of items to present current options to patients.
  • Discussed optimal lens, coating, and frame recommendations with customers to meet individual needs.
  • Managed check-in and check-out procedures, verified patient information, and submitted lens orders.
  • Maintained thorough records of customer information, prepared detailed work payments, processed insurance claims, and collected balances from customers.
  • Adjusted and repaired new and previously purchased frames to satisfy customer demands.
  • Adjusted frames to fit patient faces by bending and shaping with hands, tools, and heat.
  • Educated clients about how to adapt to, wear, and care for eyeglasses.
  • Applied sales and service expertise to promote contacts, glasses, sunglasses and accessories to office customers.
  • Helped clients try on and select new frames and recommended lens options to meet specific needs.
  • Aided in selection of eyeglass frames based on customer preferences.
  • Performed basic vision testing for new patients.


Eyewear Consultant
1999.06 - 2004.03 (4 years & 9 months)

Job overview

  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing personalized eyewear recommendations based on individual needs and preferences.
  • Provided exceptional customer service, addressing concerns and inquiries promptly and professionally.
  • Enhanced sales performance by building strong rapport with clients and understanding their specific eyewear requirements.
  • Consistently met or exceeded monthly sales goals while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Exceeded sales targets through effective product demonstrations and persuasive communication skills.
  • Placed contact lens orders by processing shipments and properly submitting invoices for payment.
  • Educated customers on proper eyewear care and maintenance, prolonging the lifespan of their glasses or contact lenses.
  • Conducted thorough insurance verifications to accurately determine coverage limits for customers purchasing eyewear products or services.
  • Managed appointment scheduling for eye exams, ensuring timely follow-up visits for patients needing prescription updates or adjustments.
  • Resolved billing issues promptly and professionally, maintaining positive relationships with both clients and insurance providers.
  • Maintained a clean and orderly work environment that promoted professionalism and efficiency.
  • Operated POS system terminal by inputting prescription information and processing payment with accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Provided valuable feedback to management regarding customer preferences and market trends, contributing to informed decision-making for future inventory selections.
  • Explained required paperwork, tests, products and services to foster positive customer experience.
  • Collaborated with optometrists and opticians to provide seamless patient care, facilitating accurate prescription orders and adjustments.
  • Reviewed prescriptions and patient information carefully to identify special needs.
  • Stayed current with industry trends by attending trade shows and conferences, applying new knowledge to better serve clients'' needs.
  • Handled and filed patient records with discretion to comply with HIPAA guidelines.
  • Contributed to store profitability by upselling additional products such as lens coatings, cases, and cleaning accessories.
  • Prepared patients for eyesight examinations by noting family medical histories, discussing vision problems and concerns and verifying insurance provider coverage.
  • Used the Pupillometer and other measuring devices to measure clients' temple length, bridge and eye size, vertex distance, pupillary distance and optical centers of eyes.
  • Recommended specific frames, lenses and lens coatings to suit client needs.
  • Explained benefits and features of available current eyewear to meet patient needs and preferences.
  • Answered telephone calls to schedule eye exams and answer pre-screening questions or inquiries.
  • Answered customer questions about products and services, helped locate merchandise, and promoted key items.
  • Engaged in friendly conversation with customer to better uncover individual needs.
  • Stocked merchandise, clearly labeling items, and arranging according to size or color.
  • Listened to customer needs and desires to identify and recommend optimal products.
  • Managed efficient cash register operations.
  • Built customer loyalty and retention by delivering excellent shopping experiences.
  • Opened, shelved and merchandised new products in visually appealing and organized displays for optimal sales promotions.
  • Provided exceptional services and pleasant shopping experiences to retail customers.
  • Created inviting environment for customers by maintaining store organization and cleanliness.
  • Developed strong rapport with customers and created positive impression of business.
  • Delivered energetic responses to customers in-store and by telephone, going above and beyond to serve needs.
  • Maintained up-to-date knowledge of store sales, payment policies and security standards.
  • Used in-store system to locate inventory and place special orders for customers.
  • Recommended complementary purchases to customers, increasing revenue.


DePaul University , Chicago, IL

Paralegal Certification from Law (Pre-Law)

Northeastern University , Chicago

from Business Administration And Management

William Rainey Harper College , Palatine, IL

Associate In Arts


  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Client Communication
  • Contract Review
  • Attorney Support
  • File and Records Management
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Effective Multitasking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Deadline Monitoring
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Correspondence and Legal Forms


Paralegal Certification


Native or Bilingual
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  • Maintained more than 7 files, while tracking and managing filing service for up to 10-15 files per day.
  • Achieved Successful High End as well as complicated Closings by completing and obtaining all required documentation and clearance with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Used Microsoft Excel to develop detailed closing statement with final figures which balanced with the title company for closing.
  • Collaborated with team of 5 co-workers as well as clients, agents, opposing counsels and their team in order to close the deal by the contract closing date.

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Yoga, Sports, Mystery Novels, Off roading, Travel


Paralegal Specialist

The Law Offices Of Galanopoulos & Galgan
2019.09 - Current (4 years & 10 months)

Optical Store Manager

Glam Optique
2009.03 - 2018.04 (9 years & 1 month)


Pearle Vision
2004.03 - 2009.03 (5 years)

Eyewear Consultant

1999.06 - 2004.03 (4 years & 9 months)

DePaul University

Paralegal Certification from Law (Pre-Law)

Northeastern University

from Business Administration And Management

William Rainey Harper College

Associate In Arts

Paralegal Certification

Beata Miklowicz Paralegal