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Beaudouin Taillefer

It is never too late to be what you might have been.
George Eliot
Beaudouin Taillefer


Willing to start off at an entry level position in a successful company that would allow for promotions. Has developed 17 years of teamwork, self-improvement and successful habits. Known for being a hardworking employee who's enthusiastic about learning all the ins and outs required to succeed in any new career field. Pursues opportunities to learn new skills and contribute to group success. Offers strong administrative, relationship-building and problem-solving abilities. Punctual and efficient employee known for reliability, great time management skills, excellent customer interactions, and holding the up most professionalism in all lines of service. Would be a great addition to the company and is open to working at any time of the day 6 to 5 times a week.

Passionate Personal Fitness Trainer successful at making workouts fun and rewarding. Expertise in instructing clients on proper lifting techniques and educating clients on nutrition and hydration needs. Experience providing instruction for one-on-one sessions, buddy sessions and group training classes.

Security-focused and diligent Guard skilled at protecting personnel and premises. Responds and acts appropriately to situational assessments, including criminal acts and fire and medical emergencies remaining alert, attentive and vigilant at all times. Anticipates trouble and takes steps to intervene and diffuse using keen eye for detail.

Is physically fit and skilled at defending clients and assets. Possesses excellent self-control and level head in difficult situations. Manages security risks with ease and uses sound judgment to quickly resolve problematic situations.

Customer-oriented transportation team member with proven safety skills and impeccable driving history. Skillfully plans the most efficient daily routes to meet customer needs and maximize delivery schedules.

Caring Animal Shelter Volunteer who's passionate about animals and one years of experience helping visitors find suitable, adoptable pets. Comfortable handling aggressive animals with restraint. Hardworking individual possessing excellent communication and recordkeeping skills.


years of professional experience

Work History


Overnight Stocker
2022.12 - Current (9 months)

Job overview

  • Used dollies and pallet jacks to unload and organize merchandise from delivery trucks.
  • Assisted over 100 customers by finding items quickly to boost store satisfaction rates higher than ever before.
  • Inspected floor displays, noted missing items and immediately replenished merchandise.
  • Observed safety protocols when transporting merchandise to different areas of store to alleviate item damage.
  • Scanned shelves and product cases to locate expired, outdated and spoiled items, then removed them.
  • Performed light housekeeping and cleaning by discarding trash from sale's floor, processing cardboard via compactors, and sweeping/mopping floors to get rid of any missed gunk.
  • Stocked shelves, racks, and cases correctly with new or transferred merchandise.
  • Interacted with guests in friendly and knowledgeable way.
  • Kept aisles clear and clean while restocking to prevent accidents and enable others to easily pass by.
  • Kept warehouse areas free of debris and safe for employees with proper storage and maintenance of machinery, tools and supplies.

Door Dash, Uber Eats, Instacart

Delivery Driver
2022.09 - 2022.11 (2 months)

Job overview

  • Completed on-time deliveries by choosing best and most efficient routes.
  • Sustained a rating of 4.9(4.9/5) out of 500 weather changing deliveries
  • Operated vehicle safely in highly congested areas with no traffic violations.
  • Has clean driving record
  • Completed rush deliveries on tight timetables to satisfy customer needs.
  • Delivered packages to customer doorsteps and business offices.
  • Communicated customer complaints, requests and feedback to company management for swift resolution.
  • Contacted customers prior to delivery to confirm and coordinate delivery times.
  • Fostered positive working relationships with regular customers.

Formula 55 & B2BFitness

Gym Front Desk Manager/ Personal Trainer
2013.01 - 2022.09 (9 years & 8 months)

Job overview

  • Designed specific workout systems for individual clients based on performance ability.
  • Trained clients during strength training, cardio vascular exercise and stretching.
  • Explained exercise modifications and contraindicated movements to participants with history of injury.
  • Developed, planned and led personal and group fitness sessions as well as well-known specialty fitness programs.
  • Educated customers on preventive care, nutrition, fitness, stress management and ergonomics.
  • Grew customer base through word-of-mouth referrals based on customer satisfaction and results.
  • Built customer loyalty by smoothly executing training initiatives.
  • Educated club members about relationship between nutrition and fitness.
  • Achieved improvements for clients by designing optimal wellness plans and organizing schedules to promote consistency.
  • Recruited new participants each month with expertise in relationship-building and personal training.
  • Keeps honing his promotional techniques
  • Managing daily classes, and individual sessions.
  • Organized files and created new system for personal fitness plans, records and contracts.
  • Developed organization systems for personal fitness plans, records and contracts.
  • Motivated clients to achieve their personal fitness goals through developing and modifying routines.
  • Minimized injury risks by advising clients about form and proper clothing.
  • Helped students of different abilities levels boost health with skill-adjusted classes.
  • Cultivated positive relationships with participants by interacting with group during fitness classes.
  • Even trained with clients to help boost moral
  • Maintained cleanliness of group fitness room, mirrors, floor and fitness equipment.
  • Instructed gym members about correct use of weight resistance and cardiovascular equipment.
  • Evaluated individual participants to assess conditions and develop suitable training programs.
  • Educated participants on team sports techniques and instructed on correct approaches for play.
  • Taught participants to maximize exertion and results with exercise routines.

Allied Universal Security Services

Part Time Security Guard Officer
2021.01 - 2021.06 (5 months)

Job overview

  • Monitored employee activities, confirming compliance with security regulations.
  • Secured personal and company goods against robbery, vandalism and illegal entry.
  • Oversaw daily monitoring and patrolled buildings, grounds, and work sites.
  • Checked and verified photo identification prior to granting facility access.
  • Reported irregularities such as fire and safety hazards to maintenance.
  • Permitted entry with escort for approved persons into secure locations.
  • Reviewed camera and system feeds and alerted proper respondents regarding discrepancies.
  • Contacted law enforcement in case of unauthorized persons, documents and materials.
  • Regulated vehicle and pedestrian traffic upon entry onto building grounds through electronic gates.
  • Oversaw entry and exit of up to 300 employees and visitors daily.
  • Greeted guests professionally and courteously to cultivate welcoming atmosphere while making safety top priority.
  • Wrote detailed reports on property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons and unusual incidences.
  • Patrolled and monitored premises in company vehicle, on bicycle and by foot.
  • Gathered information, identified and implemented resolution, planned follow-up and logged and filed incident report to successfully manage complaints.
  • Protected facility and property guests
  • Executed security rules and procedures and calmly and promptly escorted non-compliant individuals out of building.
  • Reviewed both security camera footage and live feeds to spot trespassers and criminal activity.
  • Identified and challenged potentially unauthorized individuals for screening and detention in order to prevent access to restricted areas.
  • Monitored and authorized entrance and departure of vehicles, cargo trucks and visitors.
  • Protected business integrity by ensuring all personnel requiring access to high-security areas go through correct levels of approval.

Humane Society Of Pasco County Inc

Animal Shelter Volunteer
2018.01 - 2019.01 (1 year)

Job overview

  • Cared for over 500 animals by feeding and bathing, taking dogs for walks, cleaning litter boxes and supervising playtime.
  • Provided humane care of domestic and wild animals.
  • Bathed animals and performed related animal grooming and care in preparation for adoption events.
  • Conducted adoption events to place shelter and foster animals into permanent homes.
  • Assessed animal behavior to create online and paper profiles for potential adopters.
  • Assisted public in claiming lost animals or selecting animals for adoptions.
  • Observed and monitored over 500 animals for signs of illness or injury to report symptoms and overall animal health to supervisor.
  • Restocked supplies and rotated items to maintain efficient operations and prevent expiration of perishable goods.
  • Supported animal wellbeing by caring for both physical and mental health needs through strategies such as regular exercise.
  • Contributed to client retention by consistently providing outstanding customer service to both clients and pets.
  • Handled administrative work such as answering telephones and scheduling appointments for visits.
  • Observed animal details such as size, condition, behavior and eating habits and documented data with spread sheet excel..
  • Cared for sick or injured animals by seeking out veterinary care and notifying owners.
  • Maintained and updated daily log of time spent with dogs for calculating payments, itemizing activities and services provided.


Wesley Chapel High School , Wesley Chapel, FL

High School Diploma

University Overview

GPA: 3.33, & Weighted GPA: 3.8

  • Member of FFA
  • Elected Captain of Highschool soccer team for two years
  • Awarded agriculture communications certificate
  • Has 7 years of experience with farm life(Extra 3yrs from middle school)
  • Has 2 years of speaking French
  • Helped raise farm animals even a llama named Bo
  • Mostly an outside country kid who knows how to use computers


  • Supportive team player
  • Great organizational skills
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Performance Goals
  • Corrective Actions
  • Data Accuracy
  • Forklift Operation
  • Moving Merchandise/Moving Boxes
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Safety Awareness
  • Selling Techniques
  • Enter Data
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Optimize Storage
  • Warehouse Coordination and Support
  • Maintain Records
  • Reports and Spreadsheets Generation
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Exceptional Time Management Skills
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Overnight Stocker

2022.12 - Current (9 months)

Delivery Driver

Door Dash, Uber Eats, Instacart
2022.09 - 2022.11 (2 months)

Part Time Security Guard Officer

Allied Universal Security Services
2021.01 - 2021.06 (5 months)

Animal Shelter Volunteer

Humane Society Of Pasco County Inc
2018.01 - 2019.01 (1 year)

Gym Front Desk Manager/ Personal Trainer

Formula 55 & B2BFitness
2013.01 - 2022.09 (9 years & 8 months)

Wesley Chapel High School

High School Diploma
Beaudouin Taillefer